Q Is it Safe?
A Yes Hypnosis is a very natural state that we use every day at least twice a day going into sleep and coming out of sleep, reading a book or watching a TV programme.

Q How does it work?
A Hypnosis works for anyone who is willing and cooperative with the understanding of the therapy.

Q Can anyone be hypnotised?
A Yes providing they are willing and cooperate it will work.

Q How long is each session?
A Each session is 1 hour and between 2 and six sessions is usually required depending on the presenting problem.

Q How does Hypnotherapy differ from other therapies?
A Most other therapies are carried out with the conscious mind and the root cause is on the subconscious level where the problem is released.

Q What does it feel like?
A A daydream state a lovely feeling of lethargy.

Q Will I be in control?
A Yes and you will remember what is said and only say what is comfortable for you.

Q How Many Sessions Of Therapy Will I Require?
A Most people need between one and four therapy sessions although more deep-rooted problems may need up to six sessions.

Q What is hypnosis?
A A state of relaxation in which the client is very aware of what is going on and is in complete control at all times. While in hypnosis you would never say or do anything
that you wouldn’t normally do whereas, people who participate in live shows have volunteered to behave in an uninhibited manner.

Q Can anyone be hypnotised?
A Yes, if they want to be.

Q Will I be asleep?
A No. You will be aware of what is going on all the time and just feel relaxed.

Q Can I be forced to do anything against my will?
A Emphatically-NO! The client is always in control.

Q Are there any side effects?
A Definitely not because hypnosis is a natural phenomena we all experience every day.Type your paragraph here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Advanced Hypnotherapy & Hypno Healing

Kathleen White Hypnotherapist

​Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis has unfortunately had a bit of a bad rap over the years. Images of unsavoury characters in holiday resorts trying to hypnotise the unsuspecting for entertainment purposes. It is amazing how many people think they will be out of control and will be subjected to doing something that they don’t wish to do.

Then there are television programmes showing mind control tricks having ticks done outside there conscious mind. This cannot happen as the client is in control of all that they say and will not give any information that they do not wish to give. The client is aware at all times, but in a state of altered awareness called Hypnosis.