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Kathleen White Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist in Somerset client testimonials

Client Testimonials

Kathleen White Hypnotherapist

Just a big thank you for your help, patience and understanding. Life is very good just now as we are looking forward to our new arrival in the next 6 months. F and C.

I'm  so pleased to tell you that I am back to my old self now. l am keeping well, enjoying life and not feeling daunted by the things that I can now leave in the past. I have a lot more self- knowledge and no more fear or anxiety. Thank you . Jack.

Many thanks for you hospitality and workshop, I really enjoyed the afternoon as I'm sure the rest of your guests did. I would like to take the chance to thank you for all your help with the hypnosis. I now feel that I'm going forward in the right direction and my confidence has certainly increased. M R


You helped me to turn my life around and to know where and who I am...Ann

Pain Relief
I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with you. I felt that I learnt a great deal and have certainly benefited from using your self -hypnosis technique, in fact the result has been remarkable! I use it to gain pain relief. So I thank you very much indeed. S S

I stopped smoking in two sessions how good is that! Alex

Thank you for helping me to overcome my fear of flying I'm now able to visit my family in Australia: John

At last I have achieved perfect sleeping it is wonderful: Joan